Pencil skirt how do you wear it?

While other skirts may fall in and out of fashion, you can always rely on pencil skirt for creating a silhouette that is tasteful and timeless. One can pair it with an oversized T-shirt or with a striped blouse and a structured blazer to look stylish, says an expert. What I really lov
Posted On 29 Feb 2016
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Smart Shirt Create In Japan To Improve Health, fitness

Two Japanese firms have developed an intelligent undershirt Smart Shirt that can be connected to a smartphone and provide data on the health of the person wearing it.  Technology continues to advance portable devices to provide new features for people who use any object of daily use o
Posted On 24 Feb 2016
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Acne Can Be Managed And Brought Under Control

Acne is one of the most common skin conditions in the modern and developed world. Many teenagers, and those in their twenties are more prone to acne than adults; although, adults may get it too. For some reason or another acne always seems to come when a “big event” is approaching. Th
Posted On 22 Feb 2016
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Fashion Drawing – Four Views When Drawing A Model

Fashion illustrators use four views when drawing a model. Imagine yourself trying on an outfit and looking in the mirror. What views do you try to get to determine whether a look is for you? Here are the four views you see as you turn slowly from front to back: Front view Three-quarte
Posted On 10 Feb 2016
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Extreme Tattoos, Piercings And Implants Body Modifications

As tattoos become mainstream, more and more people are looking towards body modification, piercing unusual parts of their bodies and scarification as a means to express their individuality in an extreme fashion. While body modification can be beautiful, by nature it is also gruesome.
Posted On 09 Feb 2016
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Plastic Surgery Can Improve Your Appearance

For some people, beauty means liking what you see in the mirror and having makeovers (plastic Surgery) to accomplish it. Plastic surgery can improve your appearance. It can also improve confidence. But it cannot restore your self-esteem if you have insecurities related to your body. M
Posted On 08 Feb 2016
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Tattoo or Piercing On Your Body

A tattoo is created when ink is inserted, using a needle, into the dermis layer of the skin. This changes the skin’s pigment, and can be used to create almost any image you can imagine. Permanent makeup is a form of tattooing in which permanent ink is used to mimic the look of eyeline
Posted On 07 Feb 2016
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