Instagram Isn’t Just A Mobile App Anymore

Instagram is a photo sharing app that was mainly utilized as a friends sharing pictures with friends instantly platform that started back in 2010. The difference was they reformatted the downloaded photos to a square shape similar to a Polaroid instant photo from before the digital cr
Posted On 29 Mar 2016
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Plants To Keep In Your Bedroom For Better Sleep

House plants filter air and oxygenate your home, they also add much needed colour and life to your abode. Choosing the right plants for your bedroom can be a fantastic way to help give you a relaxing night of sleep too. There is a big range to choose from out there, many of these spec
Posted On 27 Mar 2016
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Insomnia – How To Cure

You know you should be getting your shut-eye every night, but if you’re like most of us, you’re either not sleeping enough, waking up a lot when you do, or lying there wondering if it’s too late (or, ugh, too early) to get up and turn on the TV. In fact, 60% of Americans experience sl
Posted On 08 Mar 2016
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Photo Display Create Your Own Modern Gallery

Geometric Photo Display Create your own modern photo display gallery wall in a hallway in your home by adding nails at various locations on your wall and stringing jewelry cord from one nail to the next until you create a unique geometric frame. From the strung jewelry cord you can us
Posted On 02 Mar 2016
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Smart Shirt Create In Japan To Improve Health, fitness

Two Japanese firms have developed an intelligent undershirt Smart Shirt that can be connected to a smartphone and provide data on the health of the person wearing it.  Technology continues to advance portable devices to provide new features for people who use any object of daily use o
Posted On 24 Feb 2016
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Subscription Content Through Apple News App

Apple Inc is working to make subscription content available through its News app, giving publishers with paywalls a new way to control who sees their articles, two sources familiar with the matter said. The move would differentiate Apple News from Facebook’s Instant Articles new
Posted On 27 Jan 2016
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Smartphone, Ten Smartphones Coming in 2016

Smartphone – 2015 was big year for smartphones, handsets got more powerful and designs more innovative. The year 2016 is expected to be no different. As the early launches and the tech grapevine suggests, users will surely be spoilt for choice. So, here’s over to some of t
Posted On 26 Jan 2016
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2016 Oscar Nominees Are…

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced the nominees for the 88th Annual Academy Awards Oscar and people are already debating who will win Oscars (and who got snubbed). Leading the pack with 12 nominations is The Revenant, closely followed by 10 for Mad Max: Fury Roa
Posted On 19 Jan 2016
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