Instagram Isn’t Just A Mobile App Anymore

Posted On 29 Mar 2016
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Instagram is a photo sharing app that was mainly utilized as a friends sharing pictures with friends instantly platform that started back in 2010. The difference was they reformatted the downloaded photos to a square shape similar to a Polaroid instant photo from before the digital craze. Sharing photos of your businesses products and services on Instagram helps gain popularity and shows the public who and what you are without saying it. Millions of people young and old are following other users on Instagram to get sneak peaks of new products, a behind the scene view of a business, social, business, or community social events, and also creative ideas to use for themselves. It is free marketing in its most simple form. Intrigued?

Although Instagram is primarily a mobile app, it’s taken steps over the years to make the desktop website much better.

The most recent addition is a notifications tab, located in the top-right of the Instagram website.
Rather than just being able to see pictures, users can now check in on who has liked or commented on their snaps recently.
The addition basically adds one of the main tabs from the mobile version, and goes a long way to making Instagram’s website a bit more usable. All those pictures look better when they’re on a bigger screen, too.


As TechCrunch points out, other buzzy app companies seem to have embraced the old-fashioned desktop web recently.

During this year’s Oscars, Snapchat made their official ‘story’ from the red carpet available on their website, as well as within the app. It’s not clear whether Snapchat’s usually-bare website will host more important stories in the future, or whether the Oscars was just an experiment.
At any rate, the new feature will make it a bit easier to check Instagram while pretending you’re working.

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