Zeolite – Health Benefits And Uses

Posted On 31 Mar 2016
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There are countless documented health benefits of zeolite, all of which I have observed with my patients over the years in my practice. Below I have listed some of these benefits, which I hope helps you better understand the healing powers of this amazing natural supplement.

Zeolite is a unique mineral that has been proven to absorb the toxins, free radicals, and metals from your body, as well as boost the immune system. It has proved to balance the body’s pH and create an environment in which foreign cells cannot grow. For example, this mineral has been shown in independent studies to be effective fighting certain types of cancer, partially because it creates a hostile environment for cancerous cells to grow.


Purification, Detoxification, and Purging with Zeolite

We are constantly exposed to heavy metals, radiation, and other types of waste products release from industries into the environment. Overtime, these toxins build up in our bodies, creating an acid environment (or acidosis), which damage our bodies. Cell membranes become “clogged” and our cells slowly suffocate. Build-ups of heavy metal toxins (especially cadmium, mercury and lead) are the strongly associated with the development of many serious medical conditions.

ZeoliteIt is Effective in Combating a Toxic Body

The particles of Zeolite are so fine that they can actually pass in between the body’s cells. Due to its extraordinary adsorption and selection capabilities, Zeolite binds with waste products, toxins, and, most importantly, harmful heavy metals, allowing these substance to be easily eliminated from the body. Zeolite is often used to eradicate heavy metals like lead and cadmium, and the build-up of mercury (like that used in dental amalgam fillings). Due to the alkaline properties of Zeolite, the body’s alkalinity can be increase and pH levels can be properly regulated.

But Zeolite can do a lot more! It is also a highly effective antioxidant, which means it neutralizes free radicals. Free radicals are atoms, or groups of atoms, with unpaired electrons. Free radicals are highly reactive and can do a great deal of cellular damage when they come in contact with other molecules. Overtime, they can be highly destructive to cellular components, such as tissues, DNA, and cell membranes. As a result, cells often function poorly or die due to this destruction.

Zeolite is a powerful antioxidant that guards against this cellular destruction. While most anti-oxidants share an electron with free-radicals in order to stabilize them, it’s absorbs the entire free-radical, thus permanently neutralizing its potential danger and destruction to surrounding cells.

zeoliteZeolite is the Super Detoxifier

Toxic chemicals, including poisonous heavy metals like mercury, lead, arsenic, and cadmium, are the worst problems faced by all life as we know it. We literally live in a chemical soup. The chemicals enter our bodies through the food we eat, the water we drink, and the very air we breathe. This situation actually threatens our survival.

Until recently, the only sure way to remove the most destructive heavy metals and toxins from our bodies was through I.V. chelation, a process both invasive and horrendously expensive. And even if we spent hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars on chelation treatments,  toxins eventually will just reenter our bodies with the next breath we take, next meal we eat, or the next beverage we drink.

Ingesting toxins is absolutely unavoidable. However, daily detoxing with zeolite will help to curb the damage any toxins could do by extracting them as soon as they are deposited. It is for this reason that I believe zeolite to be one of the most important substances for maintaining our health. Since detoxing with zeolite is gentle and lacks a healing crisis, there are no worries in taking it, and should be taken at least once a day.

zeoliteMedical Uses of Zeolite

Studies have shown that zeolite has a high affinity for trapping lead, cadmium, arsenic, mercury and other potentially harmful metals. Through the process of cat-ion exchange, zeolite can lower overall heavy metal exposure in individuals. This would have a dramatic effect in the risk reduction of certain cancers, heart disease, and any other sickness that may stem from or by worsened by the accumulation of toxins. A study was recently done on humans using zeolite supplements to document the amount of heavy metals that were extracted. Please click here for this study.

Zeolite buffers the system towards slight alkalinity by establishing pH levels of 7.35 to 7.45, which is the optimum pH for the body. The body’s pH level influences both immunity and brain function. An acid blood pH (7.34 or lower) creates a precondition for cancer. In an acidic environment, brain cell function can also be impaired, causing depression, anxiety, stupor, paranoia, delusions or hallucinations.

Zeolite is a unique antioxidant. A traditional antioxidant works by absorbing excess free radicals into its system because it has an impaired electron. In contrast, zeolite traps free radicals in its complex structure, inactivating and eliminating them.

Other benefits from taking zeolite include:

  • Stopping acute and chronic diarrhea
  • Raising the body’s antioxidant levels
  • Binding mycotoxins, forming stable complexes
  • Reducing side effects of chemotherapy/radiation
  • Stabilizing and regulating immune system

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